The Kingdom of Bhutan Women's 2020 Trip

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The Kingdom of Bhutan Women's Trip
April 2020 Itinerary
ALIVE Outdoors In Partnership with Good Karma Travels

Immerse yourself in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Discover the secrets to a life centered in happiness. Explore the only country where values are approached holistically, and embraced nationally. Travelling through Bhutan offers travelers a rare and unique opportunity to see the last Himalayan Kingdom. A truly special place and closed to outside visitors until 1974. Explore why Bhutan might hold the keys to a prosperous future based not on financial gains or the traditional notions of success. Immersing yourself in Bhutanese life gives you a glimpse of how you can shape your own path based on personal, social and environmental values - imagine the potential! Travelers will openly experience the rich contrast that is living, learning and developing a unique perspective in Bhutan.

We have had the great privilege of taking students to Bhutan in March of 2017 and again in March 2019. Both times we left the country thinking that we need to create the time to get people from our community there, and we need to do it soon! 2020 marks the 20th year of ALIVE Outdoors. It seems like a perfect time to take a breath and share the magnificence of the Kingdom with people that we know will be deeply touched by the spirituality of the people, as well as the beauty and energy of the land. There has always been something very alluring about a tiny country that places well-being, environmental sustainability and happiness (GNH- Gross National Happiness) over money (GDP.) The lessons this tiny nation has to teach the world are immeasurable.  

To give you a sense of some of the lessons that students have taken away from our time there, please visit:

Bhutan Global Learning Trip 2017 Student Blog

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Who is this trip for?  Friends, mothers/daughters, educators who can find a way to take time off work to check out this amazing country, etc.

We recognize that picking dates people can plan and work around is nearly impossible, but we have chosen early April, partly because it's a great time to be in Bhutan (weather wise) and partly because it fits within our very full ALIVE schedule.   We are hoping several months lead time may be helpful for saving up and planning your schedule. 

April 3, 2020 departure (depending on where you are leaving from this date may shift.)  

The plan is to have everyone meet in Bangkok, Thailand. You will need to get there on your own accord. You will need to arrive in time to catch an early morning flight to Bhutan on April 5th.  We recognize that many people have points from their credit card and this allows you to get part way there without paying hard earned cash.  Bhutan is an expensive country, and so this will help cut a cost for those that can get there on points. It also allows people to spend a few days pre or post trip in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, etc. and have control over your own destiny! We all want some control and we want to honour that.  Group travel is certainly not for everyone, and yet Bhutan is a country where you MUST have an-in-country guide. No one can solo-travel through Bhutan, and so why not see it with a group of fun, like-minded, inspiring women! 

We will fly to Paro, Bhutan early on the morning of the April 5th.  This flight will be included in the cost of the trip as the only people that can purchase flights into Bhutan are approved guides who have already secured our visa through the Bhutanese government.

We will be there the nights of April 5-April 13th, 2020, and the trip home would begin the morning of the 14th. You would be back by April 15th depending on the flights you book home. These dates run over Easter 2020, so for those that are concerned about time off work, it amounts to 7 days in total, including travel days (April 3, 6-9 and 14/15- assuming you get Good Friday and Easter Monday off work.)

Click the button below for the Itinerary:

2020 Bhutan Trip Itinerary


Participants will be asked to pay in two parts:

Part One: 
Canadian Dollars - $1197.80
$1060 + $137.80 HST for a total deposit of $1197.80 will be paid to ALIVE Outdoors in Canadian funds.
(This can be paid in one full payment or two payments of $598.90 by October 11th, 2019).

Part Two:
Cost for 9 nights/10 days per person = USD - $3610
Each participant will be asked to send a wire transfer directly to Good Karma Travels, who has a bank account based out of New York City. This also allows you to watch the exchange rate and pay on a day where you feel the exchange is as favourable as possible. The final payment will need to be sent no later than December 1st, 2019.

This includes the Bhutanese daily tariff of $250 USD/day, Government Royalty and Taxes, all meals and beverages, Bhutan visa fee, an Inbound flight Bangkok to Paro to Bangkok (Y class), Domestic flight from Bumthang (north central region) to Paro (western region), twin shared accommodations at 3 star category hotels (if you have a group of three that you want to stay with, we can sort that out too), sightseeing, museum fees, Transportation with an experienced driver, an English speaking guide from Bhutan, and a representative from ALIVE Outdoors.

The package excludes: travel insurance, international flight to Bangkok, tipping for guides, driver and personal expenses. (Single room supplement US $35 per night per person).

Please do not hesitate to connect with us if you have any questions. If you are seriously thinking of joining this unique experience, please send an email to hold your spot. This trip will not run unless we get a minimum of 12 participants.  Places will be held on a first come, first serve basis. (Thank you to those that have already committed!)

We have set a later deposit payment date in order for people to manage their funds and save over the next several months. We would however like to have a sense of who is sincerely interested by July 15th, so we can let Karma and his team in Bhutan know to tentatively block off the flights and hotels.   Once we have clarity as to whether or not there is enough interest to run this trip, we will then provide participants with all the paperwork required by both ALIVE Outdoors and the Bhutanese Government in order to get the ball rolling on visa's, flights, etc. Many thanks for your consideration.

"The world has few secrets left, but Bhutan is one of them. If there is any country on Earth that qualifies as Eden - not just in part, but in it's entirety - I believe it is Bhutan." 
H. Marshall


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