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Trip Forms - Alive Outdoors

When we started ALIVE Outdoors we had NO idea how much paper work would be involved in running our trips. We were naïvely thinking we would be spending all of our time paddling, playing outside and savouring the joy of teaching outdoors. Little did we know that a large part of our job is to ensure that we have all of the pertinent information we need to take excellent care of our clients.

As the vast majority of our programs are run for minors through school programs, parental permission and consent is vital. ALIVE approaches the task of obtaining permission as an opportunity to educate and inform students and families.

Informed consent implies that parents have taken advantage of the opportunities to read all letters and forms sent home, contact the school and/or ALIVE with questions, and attend the in-school information session (if the school decides to invite ALIVE and offer one) and ask questions in person with an ALIVE Director. We feel it is important that parents have a sense of the program summary including all proposed activities and back-up activities (i.e. replacement if inclement weather), and are aware of the risks associated and the nature of activities. Making informed decisions is the backbone of our Risk Management philosophy. As such, we go to great lengths to ensure that our forms are detailed and thorough so that informed consent can be given, and that we have the pertinent information on all of our trip participants.

All clients receive forms that are reflective of their customized program, however if you have misplaced your forms—you can download the majority of our generic forms here.

We recognize that filling out paperwork can be a tedious task, yet we ask you to take the time to be as thorough as possible—especially when it comes to informing us about allergies and the medical background of each participant who will be joining us on an ALIVE trip.





Acknowledgement of Risk Form

Medical Form


For Accompanying Teachers, Faculty & Adults 

Acknowledgement of Risk Form

Medical Form


Canoe Trip Packing List

Spring & Fall Residential Programs Packing List

Winter Residential Programs Packing List


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