Corporate Retreats

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ALIVE Outdoors offers customized corporate retreats for companies who want to build and nurture community.

The days of flying your employees to the white sandy beaches of Bahamas, or the snow capped mountains of the West are behind most of us for now—and yet that does not mean you have to completely forget about a business retreat.

Having adults reconnect to their youthfulness and playful attitude can be powerful. Our retreats take place at various Outdoor Centres north of Toronto. While you may be thinking you want a “posh” experience—there is something to be said for getting back to basics. While things are somewhat rustic, there are also very comfortable. Meals are guaranteed to be outstanding!!

Possible Activities:

  • Adventure Races/ Orienteering Challenges
  • High Ropes Courses & Initiatives
  • Expert Guest Speakers on Business Leadership
  • Various outdoor camp activities for pure enjoyment
  • Workshops that meet your goals


  • Heightened Communication and Problem Solving Skills
  • Stronger relationships
  • Increased Teamwork
  • Bonding & Fun!

Hold a whole weekend retreat for less than the cost of a flight per employee! Please get in touch with us to plan your customized corporate retreat.

Corporate Retreats - Alive Outdoors

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