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Info for Teachers - Alive Outdoors

“We have had nothing but rave reviews from both the students and parents about how fabulous the trips were. Personally, I'm convinced that the lessons learned by our students in only a few days are often more significant than a year's worth of the standard curriculum. The opportunity to truly come to understand the potential of their character is an invaluable opportunity that you and ALIVE offers our students.”

Frank Bergin, St. Michael's College School Staff

ALIVE Outdoors exists in large measure to help alleviate the burden of planning and facilitating purposeful and transformative trips for your students. Having been a classroom teacher and having worked with many teachers over the years, we know and understand the high demands of your job. The fact is you don’t have the time to organize and facilitate another trip, regardless of how amazing it sounds. That’s where we step in, by doing all of the work for you, including:

  • Booking the site that is best suited to your group size and your program goals.
  • Curriculum based programming, based on your school’s specific goals and vision.
  • Delicious and nutritious meals that meet everyone’s dietary requirements.
  • Providing all the forms you will need to send home to parents—this includes an Introductory Letter about all aspects of the trip that will allow parents to give informed consent, Medical Form, Acknowledgement of Risk & Release Form, as well as a Packing List and Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.
  • Parent/student information evenings/ power point slide presentations.
  • Qualified and enthusiastic staff.
  • All necessary equipment.
  • Digital pictures of your school’s experience on a CD for your personal use. If time permits we will also put together a digital slideshow for your group on the last night of program.

One thing we often find is that the students who do not necessarily excel in the classroom are often the ones to shine on outdoor trips. These experiential programs offer students who traditionally struggle in the classroom a place to succeed and to feel as though the educational system has a place for them.

As with all of the ALIVE trips, your students will be challenged differently than they are in class. They will be asked to look deep within themselves and set aside preconceived notions of their abilities, experiencing new successes and competencies. Our programs encourage co-operative community living skills, develop personal leadership, compromise and decision making abilities and foster a much needed sense of independence.

Please read the following information prior to your program:

Notes for Accompanying Faculty - Residential Programs

Notes for Accompanying Faculty - Out-Trip Programs

“I had such a great experience on the canoe trip; it's one I will never forget. The boys had many stories to share upon their return to school today! Their favourite experiences ranged from swimming in the lake to seeing a beaver dam to making their first fire. You have definitely accomplished your goal in that you create an unforgettable experience for people - both children and adults. It's those experiences that can open people up to a love of nature and the outdoors, that can make people more aware of their natural surroundings, or that can help people learn to live in the moment.”

Whitney Elliott- St. Andrew’s College Teacher
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