Farewell Felipe

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As with everything in life, change is inevitable. It’s with a mix of sadness and gratitude for all his efforts that we share the news that effective December 1st, Felipe will be leaving our ALIVE Outdoors full-time Director team.

At ALIVE, one of our many goals is to help students develop the courage to continuously deepen their sense of self and in turn, have the confidence to follow their authentic path. We are big believers in following your heart. As an organization that greatly values relationships, community and connection, we support Felipe’s decision to return to live closer to his family. We have no doubt that Felipe will continue to create enriching learning environments and strive for a better world wherever his path takes him.

Over his many years as an instructor, and the last two as one of our Associate Directors, Felipe won the hearts of many students, faculty and ALIVE Instructors. During every program or school visit that Felipe is a part of, he is often greeted by the students with a warm and excited, “FELIPE!” There is no question that he will be missed by many!

We would like to thank Felipe for his passion, endless positivity and dedication to creating fun, meaningful programs.  Over the last couple of years, he has created and facilitated numerous new programs and workshops. He has become an Excel and scheduling wizard, connected ALIVE with an incredible Colombian community, and left us all with many memories and insightful lessons.

Felipe is a bright light, always with a smile on his face, and consistently even-keeled in our office. He always makes the best of what is in front of him. He is excited for all that is to come in his life and is grateful that his family will be within reach.

Gratefully, this is not the end of Felipe and the ALIVE community. We look forward to seeing him again in May when he will travel back to Canada to be part of a 25-day ALIVE program with the Grade 4 class from Colegio Tilatá.  We also have our fingers crossed that he may return for the fall season!

Please join us in wishing Felipe the best in his new chapter.

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