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Community Job Board

Over the lifespan of ALIVE Outdoors we have been supported to no end by countless people and organizations. Over that time we have come to understand how critically important it is that we assist each other. Word of mouth and network sharing has helped us immensely along the way, and we wanted to do the same. We are hosting this job board as a service to our community, instructors, schools, facilities and the camps we work with. If you would like to post a current opportunity please see the information below about submitting a job posting. Our website sees significant traffic each month by current and future instructors, educators, teachers and business leaders. Let us help you spread the word. Want to see your job listed, see our Posting Guidelines.

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Current Postings

All Information Current as of:

January 15, 2022

Please Be Aware: ALIVE Outdoors has not vetted any of the below postings, does not endorse any of the claims, companies/organizations or details posted and will not respond to any emails or phone calls regarding any of the postings listed below. This Job Board is simply a free resource for the community. ALIVE Outdoors takes no responsibility for the advertising, hiring, interviewing, renumeration, or business practices of any of the postings. Postings older than 60 days will be automatically removed.

Posting Guidelines for the ALIVE Job Board

We are piloting this job board since the number of postings we receive from the broader community has grown so large that we believe it is better to resource them to one specific location. If you would like to add and link your organization’s job posting please be in touch. Since this job board is hosted on the ALIVE Outdoors Website we reserve the right to restrict and remove any postings that we feel do not serve the broader outdoor and experiential education community, or are in obvious contradiction to current employment standards.

Currently Accepting Postings in the Following Specific Areas:
Required Information:
  • Position Title
  • Position Description
  • Primary Location for Position
  • Organization’s Name
  • Attachment or link to Online Job Posting
  • Pay Rate or Range
  • Dates of contract or start date
  • Type: Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal, Contract, Etc.
  • How to apply
How to have your job posted on our Job Board

Email the required information to 

Please be sure to include all pertinent information and a way for prospective applicants to contact you.