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“It takes a village to raise a child.”

The time comes in every parent’s life when you are called to let your child start to build a sense of independence—away from you. Sending them off into the unknown can be a stressful and worrisome time and we appreciate and value the trust that you put into your child’s school and ALIVE Outdoors. We do not take this responsibility lightly at all. We know that it is an honour and privilege to be entrusted with the role of delivering your child what we feel will be a transformative and memorable experience.

ALIVE believes that experiential & outdoor education programs are more important than ever before. We find ourselves in a time of materialism, and one of the things we want your children to recognize is that their true valuables in this world are their relationships.

At a time when many young people prefer indoor media activities there has been a fundamental shift away from nature-based activities. Studies have found that contact with the environment produces more eco-friendly behaviour, and people must be exposed to nature as children if they are to care about it as adults. With fewer adults spending time in the great outdoors, children are less likely to experience it.

As outdoor and experiential educators, we feel that it is critically important that we connect young people with the natural environment. We know that the educational benefits of outdoor experiences can be invaluable on a range of levels, and it seems that the long term health of the Earth may be helped if we rebuild the connection with nature through outdoor experiences.

These trips are about fostering a sense of independence and empowering young people to take some self-responsibility. They are also about tapping into a simpler way of being for a few days. Sitting around the campfire without iPods, cell phones, video games or computers—and truly reflecting and connecting is part of the joy of camp. We encourage your child to challenge themselves with new experiences and to feel what it’s like to be supported as they step beyond their comfortable limits.

Over the years we have developed a list of common questions that often come from parents. You should have received a Q & A sheet from your school that is specific to your child’s trip.

If you wish to download our School Program Questions & Answers please do so at the TRIP FORMS Link.

“ALIVE has meant a lot to me over my high school years and I could never put my real thanks into words, but all I can do is thank you. You've been very influential in my life.”

Michael Kuhlmann
St. Michael’s College School Graduate 2008

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