Risk Management

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“As long as we wish for safety, we will have difficulty pursuing what matters.” Peter Block

ALIVE Outdoors works with a variety of educational groups to build risk management processes that enhance experiential education programming.

Risk Managment Consulting Overview

  • Program and Policy Audits
  • Risk Assessment Evaluations
  • Risk Communication Development
  • Integrative Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Management Development Workshops
  • Faculty and Staff Risk Management Trainings
  • Trip and Program Leader Trainings
  • Risk Data Analysis and Integration

Risk Maturity
Institutional Risk Maturity Self Evaluation


Program Level Risk Assessment Development and Systems

Comprehensive risk assessments are the central component of a complete risk management system for off-site experiential education programming. Starting with a clear framework and data driven review of risk controls allows the focus of experiential programming to remain on program outcomes versus constant risk mitigation concerns and troubleshooting.

Policy Development

Strong policy development and operationalization is the cornerstone of effective risk control for experiential programming. Relying on over 17 years of experiential programming across a wide variety of program areas we will work with your school to help you develop strong policies that are backed up with comprehensive best practice based procedures.

Seminar on Building a Risk Culture and Risk Appetite

People power is the key to strong risk management compliance. Policies do not prevent risks, it is the people who need to see value in a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation. Building a strong risk culture and risk appetite takes time and purposeful supported planning.

Risk Communication Development

Waivers and participant agreements are not sufficient risk communication devices. We work in a multi-media and multi-medium communication ecosystem. Mobilizing our multiple avenues to help communicate both program outcomes and relevant program risks will help build stronger ties with parents, teachers, and students.

Teacher and Faculty Risk Training Tailored to Your School’s Risk Portfolio

Most frontline faculty are not risk experts. Many are thrust into the position to assess and mitigate risks for each program element they deliver. Giving faculty the tools and insights needed to feel comfortable in the decision making and assessments they are responsible for will help them refocus energy on delivering strong program outcomes. 

Custom Risk Management Seminars and Risk Systems Development


Contact: Dr. Ryan Howard, Director of Research, Risk and Innovation, ryanhoward@aliveoutdoors.com

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