With the changing seasons comes new beginnings.

Camp & Wilderness Expeditions

At ALIVE we believe that the timing of programs is crucial in achieving desired learning outcomes. Each season offers unique lessons and opportunities for growth.

Our programs are tailored to meet the specific goals of each school or organization. Many groups, regardless of participant age, aim to foster a stronger sense of community belonging and engagement. Some programs focus on leadership development, while others aim to enhance teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and aligning goals with personal values. Some groups simply seek to create bonds among participants in a natural setting.

During our planning sessions with each client, we recommend including at least one workshop in your schedule. For more details on available workshops, please refer to our workshop page.


Taking students away in the fall for community building programs can have immense value in fostering connections and building relationships. Being in a natural setting allows students to break away from their screens, usual routines and comfort zones while encouraging them to engage with each other in a new environment.


Whether it’s a canoe trip or a program at camp, our programs promote teamwork, communication, and trust among students (as well as teachers), as they work together to overcome challenges and participate in group activities. These experiences can create lasting memories and strengthen bonds that positively impact the overall school community and student well-being.

Fall is our busiest season as we collaborate with schools to ensure a smooth start each school year for thousands of students and educators. These trips typically occur within the initial 6-8 weeks of the school year, and tend to be particularly beneficial at integrating new students into the community.


Winter in the city often conjures an image of dirty, slushy snow, or even a lack of snow altogether! Discovering ways to fully enjoy winter activities has become more challenging. 


Under the right circumstances, this season not only provides fantastic activities but also valuable lessons. For example, cross country skiing for the first time teaches patience, perseverance, resilience, and determination. It promotes humility, embracing challenges, and learning from mistakes. Moving through the trails offers connection with nature, while fostering mental well-being and personal growth beyond the sport itself.  Whether it’s the adventure of building and sleeping out in a quinzee, playing broomball, feeling the joy of a toboggan ride, or learning self-reliance, perseverance and resourcefulness while building a fire in wet winter conditions, this season allows a number of important life competencies to be nurtured.

Our winter season runs from the first day of school in January until the beginning of March Break.


Spring programs present unique opportunities compared to fall or winter programs. They not only allow students to commemorate the ending of their year but also enable them to prepare for the upcoming school year.


Some schools opt to conduct leadership training for students who will take on peer mentorship roles at their ALIVE programs during the following year, while others may organize canoe trips or immersive city-based experiential programs. Whether it’s a year-end celebration for a whole grade or a group setting goals for the upcoming year, spring provides an ideal time for reflection and forward planning.

Our Spring programs typically begin in mid-April and run through until mid-June. Some schools have been known to take advantage of the beautiful weather in British Columbia and have us facilitate programs such as sea kayaking through Nootka Sound, or running a full grade program throughout in various places throughout BC.

Spring & Fall Canoe Trips

Almost 25 years ago, ALIVE was founded as a canoe expedition company with a strong belief in the profound lessons that wilderness travel offers. Canoe trips serve as a platform for developing leadership skills, fostering environmental awareness, and embracing challenges that lead to personal growth and resilience.


Our multi-day excursions not only allow participants to connect with nature but also impart essential life lessons. Adaptability, perseverance, and community are emphasized, instilling a sense of self-reliance and a deep respect for the environment.

We believe the true value of canoe trips is not only the physical adventure, but the transformative experiences and knowledge gained throughout a self-propelled journey. Of course, a break from screens and the comfort of home is a bonus, as it creates the space for participants to dig into themselves and build their unique identity. There is no doubt that friendships are deepened around the fire, laughing in a canoe, cooking a meal, and working together to cross a portage.

Our wilderness adventures often involve small group canoeing or hiking trips led by two guides, and a teacher in Algonquin Provincial Park. We also offer specialized programs where participants explore the interior of Vancouver Island by sea kayak and other wilderness locations internationally. If you’ve never experienced the sense of freedom that comes from having all you need in your boat or on your back, we extend an invitation for you to join us!

ALIVE has helped me develop so many important qualities that are pertinent in life. Respect, leadership, self-trust and confidence are a few of the many qualities that ALIVE has instilled in me. Their programs have helped me become who I am today. The ALIVE instructor team are truly life changers. They have inspired me and are continuing to inspire others! Their programs were the highlight of my high school years. I’m grateful they helped me grow into someone I am proud of.   

Student Reflection, 2018