Shopping, Lawn Darts and Lunch by the River

Today was a time to relax after yesterday’s hike. We spent the majority of the morning visiting shops and purchasing gifts along Paro’s main street. As much as it was a time to purchase gifts, it was a time to connect with our peers. Much of this trip has been filled with visits to temples, our learning exchange and sightseeing, so It was nice to have a quiet afternoon with our friends. This theme continued with our lunch, which was a rejuvenating time along one of Paro’s rivers. Karma, our guide, arranged a quaint picnic followed by a chummy match of lawn darts. Darts is a popular pastime in Bhutanese culture. This spectacular game brought us closer together as friends and helped us experience an aspect of the Bhutanese culture. During the lunch, there were many dogs who kept us company, including but not limited to Bruzer, Unicorn, Rocket, and Ice Cream humbly named by a student. Overall this day was a welcome break from the rigours of travelling. Tomorrow we are up early for our hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

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