Completing the Goals: 20,000 Trees in 2020 are Within Reach

Do you know that feeling when you set a goal, and then a few things happen along the way where the goal seems a little less achievable than when you set it, but you refuse to give up?

We had such grand plans to celebrate ALIVE Outdoors’ 20th year in business, yet many of those celebrations cannot happen. We still feel we can complete one of our goals with your help. We are only about $300 away from our target of raising $20,000 to plant 20,000 trees in our 20th year. We have been so blessed with support from students, friends, instructors and family. Several schools led student-organized fundraisers that helped us move further and further to that 20,000 tree mark! We have been deeply touched by the support we have received.

We recognize that people have lost income, and that many people are in “get by” mode. This last while has been extremely humbling for all of us. We have often heard the saying, “The only thing certain in this world is change,” and yet I don’t think I fully understood how profound that statement was until very recently. We have no idea what awaits us on the other side of this pandemic, but one thing is for certain, planting trees and taking actionable steps towards improving climate change will always be important. If you can contribute anything at all, even a toonie, that would help complete this goal.  Collectively this goal is one small step towards that which is most important – our collective future. Please consider helping us finish planting these trees today so we can all look towards a brighter tomorrow.

Donations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who donated to help plant 20,000 Trees.

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