A New Appreciation for Life

As soon as I stepped off the plane when we arrived in Bhutan, I knew there was something special about the country and that this was going to be the trip of a lifetime. Flying in being surrounded by the Himalayan mountains was an experience that I will never forget. I can honestly say that The Kingdom of Bhutan is an amazing place with even more amazing people. We were immediately greeted in the airport by Karma and Galey, who have been nothing but kind and fun throughout this whole trip.

You may think that driving through the mountains everyday gets old and boring, but I can 100% tell you that this is not the case. Each day I have been left speechless by the scenery Bhutan holds, and there is always something new to look at. From dogs, to cows, horses and even the locals, you are left mesmerized by the sights you see driving on the switch back roads hugging the side of the mountains. 

Bhutan has given me a new appreciation for the life I have, and I attribute that to the people I have met. As I said earlier, the Bhutanese are by far the most giving, loving, and open people I have ever encountered. Maybe it’s because their country is run on happiness and Buddhism, but I also think it’s because they themselves are happy with who they are. They don’t take anything for granted and appreciate what they have around them. They truly convey that they are content to live a simple life. They are united in their passion and their buddhist belief system and make sure to preserve their history. They are always eager to share it with anyone who wants to learn more. 

Tomorrow we are getting up early to embark on our trek up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. With our departure looming in a few days, I find myself sad to go home, but so grateful for the memories and connections I have made. This experience has brought me closer to so many friends and given me tons of new ones. 

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