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Global Learning Trip Portal - Bhutan 2024

When you travel, you may learn much about the place you are visiting, but you learn even more about yourself.

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Reports and Photos from the Trip

The trip field reports will be updated periodically throughout the trip. Check back often to read the most up-to-date student reports. We recommend sharing this page with any family or friends who would like to follow along on the group’s adventure in Bhutan.


A Final Farewell

We started our day with a beautiful hike through the Paro mountainside on the Trans Bhutan Trail. The trail spanned several magnificent views along the valley and the surrounding mountains.

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The Last Dance

As we approach the night of our last few hours here in Bhutan, we are not only sad that our trip is coming to an end, but we are happy

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Tilian and Ryann

Mountain Views and Long Shots

Today started with a wonderful 2-hour hike through the vast Thimphu mountains. We were able to watch an impressive match of archery, Bhutan‘s national sport, spanning over 100 meters. A

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Barb Prevedello

A Little Bit of Canada in Bhutan

Over the course of my time in Bhutan I have learned about many Canadian influencers have worked with the Bhutanese to help develop their country. I first learned that during

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Photo Gallery

In addition to the photos embedded in the Field Reports, we will periodically upload new photos to the below image gallery.