Bhutan Global Experiential Learning Program - March, 2019

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Trip Report, Blog and Photos from the 2019 Bhutan Trip

A Country Poised Between the Ancient and the Modern: Exploring Bhutan

Immerse yourself in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Discover the secrets to a life centered in happiness. Explore the only country where values are approached holistically, and embraced nationally. Travelling through Bhutan offers students a rare and unique opportunity to see the last Himalayan Kingdom. A truly special place and closed to outside visitors until 1974. Explore why Bhutan might hold the keys to a prosperous future based not on financial gains or the traditional notions of success. Immersing yourself in Bhutanese life gives you a glimpse of how you can shape your own path based on personal, social and environmental values - imagine the potential! Students will openly experience the rich contrast that is living, learning and developing a unique perspective in Bhutan.

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Bhutan Presentation with Details and Overview for March 2019

As a destination chosen for its profound learning potential, Bhutan offers students one of the only examples of a country built on personal, social, cultural and environmental values. Tucked between China, India and Nepal, Bhutan is a world away from life in Ontario. Directly aligned with ALIVE’s educational mission, Bhutan offers students the opportunity to experience a self-defining contrast. This contrast will be the spark to achieve deeper personal reflection, harmony with nature, and redefined notions of success. ALIVE seeks to facilitate a student experience in Bhutan that is in-line with the Bhutanese policy of high value, low impact tourism and captures the spirit of living based on values, connection to nature and collective happiness.

Experiential Objectives

  • Re-evaluating perspectives and deepening personal values
  • Learning and sharing exchange with Ugyen Academy students and faculty
  • Rare and authentic travel experience, for a once in a life trip, to a rapidly modernizing country
  • Contrasting the difference in pace between a life centered in Western consumerism versus intentional and unhurried living
  • Appreciating Buddhist cultural traditions and spirituality


Download the March 2019 Bhutan Global Experiential Learning Itinerary

Travel Arrangements

Departing from Pearson International Airport the group of students (from St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School and Royal St. George's College) will travel to catch a flight on Bhutan Airlines into Paro International Airport in Bhutan. The departing flights from Bhutan to Toronto will follow the reverse itinerary. Flight details will be arranged once we know who will be joining this group for this incredible, once in a lifetime adventure. 

Flight Information:

See School's Paperwork

See School's Paperwork

Valid Passport and Visa are required for entry into Bhutan (Visa's organized through Good Karma Travels).

Ugyen Academy School in Punakha, Bhutan

While in Bhutan students will be immersed in Bhutanese life through school immersion experiences, mountain trekking and exploring Bhutan’s cultural and physical landscapes. The Ugyen Academy School in Punakha is excited to be pairing with us on the student immersion experience. As an English language school, students will be encouraged to engage in a collaborative learning space, sharing cultural practices, and a full-day leadership workshop. No visit to Bhutan is complete without experiencing the rich cultural background that created the happiest place on earth. Students will be exploring the unique and strong influences that shaped Bhutan. Resulting from cultural isolation, Buddhist traditions, and life in the mountains, students will experience the spiritual, culinary and cultural flavours of Bhutan.

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