Bhutan Changed My Life Ideals

At the start of the Bhutan trip, my opinions on how I should live my life were much different than they are now. This trip really changed the way I want to lead my life, and how I act. I originally came on this trip due to my interest in the architecture and temples, but after spending time with the people and embracing their culture, my views began to change. Just learning about how GNH (Gross National Happiness) and their country’s history gave me an entirely different perspective on how life could be lived.

After spending time with the students at Uygen Academy, my perspective on life changed. Their opinions on wealth and personal belongings were totally different from western civilization’s ideologies, and how they overall treated people. It made me start questioning myself on whether I need objects to be happy. Past that point, I began to notice the way people acted, and how easy going they were. Rather than trying to make sure their lives had purpose, they lived their lives to be happy.

The time I spent in Bhutan and the people I met changed my ideals and how I’m going to lead my life.

By Kieran Tisdall – RSGC

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