Lighting The Lantern: Inspiring Ideas

It is all in the imagery – a flickering light standing out in the darkness drawing in your gaze and captivating your attention.  Is it the lantern’s glow or possibly a deeper and more profound feeling coming from the dancing light that draws us in? We light lanterns to bring light into our lives, to pull people closer together, to find our way back and to share cherished stories.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

~ Edith Wharton

We are excited to be sharing our newest endeavour at ALIVE Outdoors – The Lantern. Our vision is for it to be a shimmering light bringing people closer together to share great ideas and help guide us all in meaningful directions. Through The Lantern, we will be casting light onto some of our own ideas, your ideas, stories and learnings, as well as reflecting the important ideas that influence the work that ALIVE and our community practices every day.  

Daily, we are exposed to a constant bombardment of facts, figures, quotes, stories and new information. Why not strive to share and populate the internet with “good stuff?” Through The Lantern we will share posts that cut to the core of why we do the work we engage in.  The Lantern will cover a wide variety of topics that influence and move us – with purpose, excitement and empathy. Just like a flickering flame, content shared through The Lantern will strive to dance in different directions, mirroring the cycles of ALIVE Outdoors, the instructors who work with us, the students that inspire us and the vast array of clients we are privileged to work with. 

We have created this space to share and hold information with the ALIVE Community, and whomever else feels compelled to follow and share their ideas, thoughts, viewpoints, etc.

Our goal is to share ideas that fuel people and expose the light on a vast array of topics that will ideally help us all grow. Please join us on our journey with The Lantern. Stay tuned on how to contribute. 

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