St. Clement’s School – Gr.7 & 12 – ALIVE Outdoors – Fall 2023

Another gorgeous week in Algonquin Park for the Grade 7 and 12 students from St. Clement’s School. It was amazing to witness the younger students bonding with the students in grade 12.  Threaded throughout all the outdoor activities were reflections about the importance of values and how to build a strong foundation in a friendship. The Grade 12 students learned about cognitive distortions and how they can bring awareness to catching their thinking traps before they lead them down an unnecessary, emotional path.  Deepening each person’s self-awareness is at the root of all ALIVE programs, with the hope that it allows young people to set a more grounded and purposeful path for themselves.  The SCS House Games, withe everyone in their house colours rounded out the program and were a huge success.  Thank you to everyone involved in a great week together.

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