The Bishop Strachan School – Sea Kayak Expedition – ALIVE Outdoors – Spring 2023

There is a palpable, untamed wilderness to Nootka Sound, BC. The beauty truly is intoxicating. The area has a great array of wildlife, beautiful forests, and amazing intertidal life. We paddled with seals, sea otters, and a few rare dolphins. There were so many sea stars it would not be an exaggeration to say there were thousands! The views from our campsites were incredible. One night we even got to sleep on a beautiful beach where we were lulled to sleep by the changing tide.  To spend a week without a speck of Wi-Fi, and only the sound of the waves, wind and early morning bird songs was an incredible gift. We followed the rocky coastlines and explored long inlets, sheltered coves, and small islands. Given that we were a group from Ontario that typically canoe trips, learning how to explore via sea kayak was full of lessons. The boats were heavy, the hatches where everything needed to be packed were small, our wetsuits never fully dried, and the ocean was too cold to bathe in, and yet it was complete magic. We cannot wait to return. Thank you to our friends at Strathcona Park Lodge for helping us finally make this trip a reality! 

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