ALIVE Rux Box – 70L


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We love gear storage and organization solutions, but we don’t typically seek out fancy options. Like most people, we have our gear in Rubbermaid bins, dry bags and cardboard boxes stuffed with winter hats, flashlights, etc. When we saw the price tag on the RUX system we admittedly did a double take! Having said that, after testing out the RUX for a few outings, we admittedly love it. It's a versatile gear-hauler–bin, tote, duffel or backpack: The RUX 70L can be whatever you want it to be. It’s made with strong, waterproof materials, offers numerous carrying configurations, and has a lifetime guarantee. We did not want to take too much of a gamble so we only have 12 to offer, but we imagine those of you that are on the move will love the Rux. Check out to learn more. If you are an ALIVE Instructor, School Faculty, or Student Participant email [email protected] for a special discount coupon code.