A Final Farewell

We started our day with a beautiful hike through the Paro mountainside on the Trans Bhutan Trail. The trail spanned several magnificent views along the valley and the surrounding mountains. It led us through one of Bhutan’s many forest biomes. When we finished our hike we were invited to a cultural lunch at the riverside. Performers displayed Bhutan’s rich culture with an array of dances, lively music and singing. Starting with a ceremonial welcoming dance that greets special guests and ending with a dance that involves audience participation, learning a simple dance that wishes good health and spirit. Other dances paid tribute to Bhutan’s influential animals such as the Yak for providing people with milk and meat and the Black-necked crane for its loyalty and beauty. We spent the afternoon wandering the shops in Paro making purchases of souvenirs and trinkets to bring home to our family and friends.

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