The Last Dance

As we approach the night of our last few hours here in Bhutan, we are not only sad that our trip is coming to an end, but we are happy about the fact that our time spent together has been phenomenal. 

To conclude our journey in Bhutan we started our day off with a panorama hike around the Paro Valley travelling through the forest. This hike consisted of beautiful scenery and we concluded our final hike with an amazing lunch by the river as well as an incredible outdoor culture show that showcased a number of traditional dances, songs, and folklore.

This culture show took place in the park at the location where we finished our hike as well as where we ate our lunch. During the show we observed some of Bhutan’s most recognized dances from different regions. For example, Yak Cham, the Archery dance (national game), Black Necked Crane dance, Drametse Ngacham (masked dance of the drums from the Drametse) is a UNESCO recognized cultural dance, to name only a few. At the end of the show, we got to partake in a dance with the dancers and singers where we learned their dance and the music slowly started speeding as we all moved together to finish the show. It was truly a blessing to experience this cultural show as a way of closing out our trip. 

Finally, we ended our time in Bhutan by thanking those who helped make our trip possible and the greatest that it could be. We thanked them verbally by recapping our trip and telling them about our significant highlights and reflections and by showing gratitude through gifts and some York School swag.

Now that our trip is almost over, and we are all grateful for what we have taken part in over the last week and a half. We all discovered more about Bhutan and more about ourselves. This trip will be unforgettable for all of us and we are so grateful for The York School, ALIVE Outdoors, Karma, Namgay and their team, Ugyen Academy, our parents and everyone else who made this trip as enjoyable as it was. Thank you – this has been a true gift that will leave a mark on our lives!!!!

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