Arriving In The Haa Valley

After a long journey from Toronto, we finished our flight from Thailand to Bhutan. Arriving at the lovely Paro airport, we were welcomed with open arms and given gorgeous white khata scarves filled with Bhutanese culture. Shortly after, this is when we began our trip up the gorgeous mountains of Bhutan to the small town of Haa. During the ride, it was mesmerizing to see the differences between Bhutanese and Canadian landscapes and the way that the roads operated. I would have never expected that there were no directions or traffic lights controlling traffic flow! As we went up the mountain, we arrived at a small stop, where we saw a variety of prayer flags for those that have passed away. It was fascinating to see how people were commemorated after their deaths. The flags were so plentiful throughout the mountain, making it more than clear the amount of respect people had for one another. After continuing our journey through the mountain, we continued to see Bhutanese landscapes, which left me speechless. After arriving at our hotel, we had a relaxing evening. We even got the chance to visit a small traditional store beside the hotel where we were given the opportunity to buy kiras, the traditional clothes that Bhutanese women wear. Although quite different from Canadian fashion, the kiras had endless patterns and colours, allowing everyone to express their individuality. After settling in our rooms and getting a much-deserved break, we got ready for dinner. Experiencing a variety of Bhutanese noodles and dishes was amazing. Noticing the difference between the foods and expanding my horizons was quite memorable. After dinner, we talked about our plans for our school exchange which was happening the next day, an experience I cannot wait for! 

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