St. Michaels College School Grade 9 & Leaders – ALIVE Outdoors – September 2022

The Grade 9 students of St. Michael’s College School joined us up north this past week and made the most of every moment. Their first day of school was spent in canoes instead of the classrooms and seated around a campfire instead of around a cafeteria table. These grade 9’s brought energy and spirit to every activity even the early morning Polar Bear Dips! This was the first time for many students trying new adventure elements, paddling techniques and team building initiatives that not only strengthened their hard skills but enhanced their soft skills like communication, problem solving and working together as a cohesive team. We are grateful for the time we were able to spend together this week and hope that the St. Michael’s College School students continue to take these moments of joy and adventure with them throughout the school year. All the best in this new semester!

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