Mountain Views and Long Shots

Today started with a wonderful 2-hour hike through the vast Thimphu mountains. We were able to watch an impressive match of archery, Bhutan‘s national sport, spanning over 100 meters. A ride back to Paro led us to the national museum filled with Bhutan’s history. Followed by the last dzong of our trip, where Namgay gave us great insight into the Buddhist wheel of life. Parts of Bhutanese life today are based on tradition and culture, and we were able to learn a little bit more about these components throughout the day. Archery, Bhutan’s national sport, has kept the same tradition throughout centuries. Still as a way for people to come together and show off their crazy skills. The museum taught us the ways in which a century-old watch tower has not lost its use. Furthermore, the many items inside of it show how Bhutan has continued to preserve its culture. Finally, the Dzong is a tribute to Bhutan’s preservation of its culture, being used as half monastery and half administrative. Moving forward with modernization while still leaving space for its culture in such an important structure. The wheel of life describes that the actions you do in this life will carry forward to your next. This piece of Buddhist culture is incorporated daily, influencing even unseen actions of everyday life. Through these things, we feel ever connected to the rich culture Bhutan has developed and retained. We can use this as a lesson for Canadian culture that has failed to do the same.

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